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Employment law is a branch of law that regulates the relationships between employee and employers, employees and trade unions as well as trade unions and employers. Employment law stipulates the rights of employees and employers and seeks to ensure that the interests of employees are respected at the work place. Both employees and employers are required to observe these laws at the work place. What situation warrants employment law advice? Who requires such advice?

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Contract negotiation

Your rights in the work place are highly dependent on the type of contract you have. Most employees do not have adequate knowledge when negotiating their contracts which means that employers take advantage of the situation to get away with a lot. As a job seeker, you ought to seek advice from a qualified and specialised legal expert before you can sign the contract and accept the job. This will ensure that you understand your rights under the proposed job type, that you are rightfully compensated for your services and that you understand what your employer should provide to make it easier to discharge your duties and enhance your work experience.

Disputes at work

Sometimes, disputes are bound to happen in the organisation. As an employee, there are various channels that you could use to ensure that the dispute is settled accordingly. For example, you may resolve this with the help of your superiors especially in situations where it involves a dispute with a person at the same level. However, this may not be always effective and therefore, you may be required to use external channels to resolve the matter. As such, you may seek the advice of a legal specialist on the matter. In cases where the matter requires judicial intervention, the lawyer will guide you through the process, negotiate on your behalf, file all the documents and evidence required, ensure that you stick to the legal timelines and assist you in getting the necessary evidence to win.


As an employer, there are different regulations that you are expected to adhere to. These include the work place safety rules and regulations, minimum wage stipulations, allowable leave and sick days for your employees among others. To gain an in depth understanding of these laws and to ensure that your company is fully compliant, you may require advice from a lawyer. He or she will translate sections of the law that may be hard to understand and explain when different situations are applicable. They will also help you in understanding what the penalties may be in cases of non-compliance. Whenever situations arise that may have adverse effects on the company and its employees, it is prudent to understand the legal implications before taking any action. It is therefore important to have a lawyer who fully understands employment law as part of your team; consulting or permanent staff.

Whether you are an employee or employer, labour laws keep on changing. You are expected to understand and implement the changes when need be. It is recommendable to constantly consult with a labour law expert or lawyer on different matters in order to avoid legal suits.